Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch to become a music school

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Colony Capital, the company that now has control of the late Michael Jackson's pristinely creepy Neverland Ranch, is looking to turn the compound into "a small music institute similar to The Julliard School in NYC."

According to reports,

Colony wants to turn the property into a campus, in which scores of teenagers — rich and poor — can learn the trade that made Michael Jackson a legend.

Poor kids. Don't they know that "the trade that made Michael Jackson a legend" is now a trade that turns twenty-something band members into thirty-something baristas?

At any rate, the only things standing in the way of Colony's vision are whether Santa Barbara County, in which Neverland Ranch rests, will approve (which they surely will, given the economic benefits they stand to receive) and whether the Michael Jackson estate will let the company use the deceased King of Pop's name. TMZ says that sources "directly connected" with the estate are cool with it, so it looks like this'll be a go.

But wait a second —  didn't anyone else expect it to become a museum, like Elvis' Graceland? I certainly did.