Microsoft rips off the Arcade Fire in latest commercial

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Bing Arcade Fire screenshot

It always sucks to hear your favorite songs used in commercials. But it sucks even more to hear your favorite songs being blatantly ripped off in commercials. Especially without the band's knowledge. Such is the case with the Arcade's Fire's "Wake Up."

The beloved tune has previously been used to soundtrack the Where the Wild Things Are trailer and even the Super Bowl. But now a pale imitation of the epic anthem can be heard in a Microsoft ad, which is pretty lame. It's not like they don't have the money to license the original. 

Oh and fun Super Bowl fact: when the band lent the song to last year's big game they donated 100% percent of the profits to Partners In Health to provide medical and supplies to people in Haiti. There's no telling what philanthropic efforts they could have put forth this time around if they hadn't gotten screwed over.