Miley Cyrus has a song for OWS

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Americans have long realized the potential for music to spice up otherwise tedious activities. Waiting in line at K-Mart was awful before the Eurythmics released "Sweet Dreams," and watching sports was a snooze until the release of "Eye of the Tiger." Basically, any activity that required us to occupy the same place with strangers for a long time was unbearable until the advent of good, upbeat soundtracking. 

So of course it would make perfect sense that the most lengthy occupational stranger-gathering of all, Occupy Wall Street, should be in need of a good theme song. Following in the footsteps of the greats, Miley Cyrus has delivered:

"Liberty Walk," as the video says, is "dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in." It also provides helpful instructions on how to participate in an OWS march, like this:

"Don't stop, keep on walking it,

Don't stop, keep on talking sh!t,

Don't stop, keep on walking it,

(walk, walk, walk)"

Technically, "Liberty Walk" is a remix and not an original mint, but that shouldn't make a shred of difference. If anything, that only speaks to Miley's prescience as an artist. She knew how to gather people in large, shrieking groups back when OWS was just a twinkle in Michael Moore's eye.