Miley Cyrus reveals she smokes “way too much f***ing weed,” is a Bob Marley fan

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Contrary to what Hunter S. Thompson's oeuvre tells you, drugs do not, in fact, make you cool. Unless, of course, you are Hannah Montana, and you are so uncool that you make Taylor Swift look like Kim Deal in comparison. As part of her campaign to make you like her just a little bit, Miley Cyrus celebrated her nineteenth birthday by enjoying a cake bearing the visage of reggae legend Bob Marley. "You know you're a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake," Cyrus quipped to the crowd after friend Kelly Osborne presented her with the cake. "You know you smoke way too much fucking weed." 

After she was busted for smoking salvia last year, it seems that Cyrus has been on a quest to reinvent herself from a Disney pop princess into something approximating a real person. Although her comment makes her sound a little like that dude you hung out with in high school who tried to prove how hardcore he was by smoking out of a Capri Sun juicebox, it's kind of adorable that she's such a proud pothead (especially considering both her parents were in attendance at the party, which totally means that Billy Ray and his daughter were toking it up during Hannah Montana's run).

While not even the strongest pot in the world can erase the memory of Cyrus' tween stardom (not to mention her psychosis-inducing cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"), it's almost refreshing to see a pop star trying to recover from adolescence the way a normal teenager would. At least she's not trying to self-medicate with a nasty meth habit; or, even worse, intercourse with Fred Durst.