Everybody's favorite master of self-loathing, Morrissey, has confirmed in an interview with the BBC that he has finished his autobiography.

In one of his many hilarious Morrissey-isms, he says he'd like to get the work published next year by Penguin Classics, despite the fact that the publishing house handles, you know, classics. When pressed on why exactly his autobiography would be a good fit for the company, Moz opined, "I can't see why not."

Morrissey also shot down a Smiths reunion and announced that he has no plans for retirement: "I'm just going to carry on like the old blues singers, and die onstage, in Chicago probably."

Will the book be a little bit silly and self-aggrandizing? Sure. But still probably worth checking out. 

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Commentarium (4 Comments)

Apr 22 11 - 3:30pm

Justin Bieber's autobiography was worth checking out for the laughs. I don't think my face can handle enough face-palms with this book though.

Apr 22 11 - 4:27pm

Agreed, but he is arguably one of the most literary aging rockers out there-it'll at least be well-written, which can't always be said for celebrity/musician autobiographies.

Apr 22 11 - 6:56pm
Mr Shankly

The Smiths broke up in 1987. How many times does Morrissey have to say "no reunion" before people begin to believe him?

May 11 11 - 9:49pm

That must really suck to live with the shadow of the past for the rest of your life.