Neko Case, other female rock stars complain about their lack of groupies on Twitter

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Twitter event of the weekend: Neko Case protesting that "ladies in bands don't get any action," soliciting fellow lady-rockers to back her up because "no one believes this," and then getting widespread affirmation from her peers, including Michelle Branch ("SO TRUE!") and Miranda Brown of Crooked Fingers, who reported, "I have gotten laid exactly one time on tour, and it was an ex. laaaaame," then specified, "an ex with coke dick." These are all good-looking women (just check out Neko Case looking good right up there), so what's the problem? At Salon, Mary Elizabeth Williams provides a nice overview of the discussion, then speculates that power dynamics and the fact that female groupies are considered less threatening by security guards than male groupies are to blame. Sounds plausible. In any event, Neko Case's Twitter feed is full of characteristically sharp commentary on this pressing matter: "there are a few men replying to me saying they would gladly hit on me/other ladies but in their photos they're wearing furry, animal hats." Moral of the story: go hit on Neko Case.