Hey! Ho! New Joey Ramone album coming in May

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He's the Tupac of punk rock. On May 15th Joey Ramone's second posthumous album, Ya Know?, will be released. The long-delayed project, which comes more than a decade after the Ramones frontman's death from cancer, features seventeen demos recorded over numerous decades.

Sounds like scraping the bottom of the barrel, right? Flogging the horse instead of beating on the brat? It's possible, but let's remain cautiously optimistic. Ramone's estate recruited some top-notch talent to provide backing tracks, including Steven Van Zandt and Joan Jett. (Producer Ed Stasium told Rolling Stone that he considered recruiting "very popular bands influenced by Joey," but ultimately decided on musicians "who were really friends of Joey.")

The singer's brother, Mickey Leigh, promises, "I'm 1000% certain you're going to love it." Ramone's first phosthumous album, 2002's Don't Worry About Me — recorded during his battle with lymphoma — was solid overall and featured an incredible cover of "What a Wonderful World" (video below), so keep your fingers crossed that this new collection is half as good. Because if it sounds like a second-rate cash-in, you'll wanna be sedated. Sorry.