New Kanye West video banned over fear of epileptic seizures

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Kanye West's new video, "All of the Lights," featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi, perhaps should have used less than all of the lights, as the video has now been removed from YouTube and West's official page at the behest of U.K.-based charity Epilepsy Action, who expressed concern over the frequency of flashes in the video, fearing it could lead to seizures.

This is just the latest controversy Yeezy finds himself a part of, after accusing President Bush of racism, stealing the award-show spotlight from Taylor Swift, and freaking people out with that bizarre George Condo album-cover painting.

After examining the video sent by Epilepsy Action, experts at Cambridge Research Systems found that the photosensitive footage could potentially trigger seizures, and regulators at the Ofcom Authority (basically the U.K. version of the FCC) decided that the video was unsuitable for TV broadcast. The video had racked up almost five-million hits since its debut last Sunday. You never know what to expect from this guy, but you can definitely expect some interesting tweets over the whole fiasco.