New Michael Jackson album scheduled for November

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If you weren’t aware of Michael Jackson’s "mountain of unreleased songs," Michael Jackson has a mountain of unreleased songs (all of which sit in an enormous Sony Records vault somewhere, on top of which Tommy Mottola sleeps and spends most of his time).

It turns out a small portion of MJ’s unreleased library will make its way onto a posthumous album, including recent collaborations between Jackson and, Akon, and Ne-Yo. Wow. Additionally, the album will include several tracks left off of the Bad album. It’s not unusual for musicians to cut songs off an album, as was the case with Jackson, which is the main reason for his huge repository of unheard work:

Mottola — with whom Jackson famously feuded in the early 2000s — said Jackson routinely recorded more songs than he’d need for his legendary albums. "Let’s say 12 or 13 songs end up on the album; Michael could have possibly recorded 15, 20 or 30 songs," Mottola said. "This would probably go for every album he recorded and probably predating [Sony] to his Motown days." Because Jackson was always trying to expand his sound and work with the hottest producers of the day, Mottola said there are a "plethora" of songs from those producers that were never released. MTV

Even the oldest MJ tracks, despite the decades-old production quality, manage to evade sounding dated because of just how catchy, how good they were. I don’t know if they same will be said of The Black Eyed Peas or Ne-Yo, and shit – how strange will old Bad singles sound next to tracks of rapping? But let’s be thankful we get a peak at MJ’s unseen work at all.