Ozzy Osbourne offering health advice to Rolling Stone readers

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Ozzy Osbourne will be offering health advice to Rolling Stone readers.

Rolling Stone's recent run to regain political relevance is admirable, but not as admirable (or plain awesome) as this: for a limited time, Ozzy Osbourne will be Rolling Stone's health advice columnist.

The magazine is currently taking questions from readers, and the Prince of Darkness himself will answer them in the pages of a future issue. Brilliantly hilarious, we declare — brilliantly hilarious! (Though I'm sure that the person whose job it will be to sift through a million pigeon-related joke questions won't agree.)

And even though Ozzy has become something of a punchline these days, one can never forget how very, very amazing (and innovative) Black Sabbath was at its inception. If you did forget, however, listen to "Sweet Leaf" and remember: