The Mayans can't be too far off with their end-of-the-world hoopajoop. Judging by the number of dead people who've been popping up all over the place (Tupac, Left Eye, Nicolas Cage) it's pretty evident that the zombie uprising is extremely fucking nigh. Keeping up on the trend, PepsiCo has announced that they will be reviving the Michael Jackson campaign by using his image all over their shit. The campaign, hilariously called "Live For Now," will include a TV ad, special-edition cans (tee-hee), and readily downloadable re-mixes of his songs. MJ's back, bitches!

The partnership between Pepsi and Jackson started in 1983 and launched the brand into the limelight, because just about everything MJ touched back then turned to gold. (And if you think I'm going to make a pedophile joke out of that statement, bask instead in the glow of my maturity.) The "Live For Now" campaign will probably prove to be a success and will launch Pepsi in the limelight all over again, which... was a thing that needed to happen? Anyway, Pepsi execs, you can start pre-ordering your gold-plated-jacuzzi-shoes.

Along with MJ, Nicki Minaj will also be joining the Pepsi family when she appears in TV ads for the company starting next week. The media blitz is being launched in hopes of beating Coca-Cola out of the #1 (and #2 — occupied by Diet Coke) spot. (Those figures according to Beverage Digest, which is my preferred bathroom reading.)

And honestly, Pepsi, you could sprinkle your cans with the remnants of Jesus Christ himself and I'd still choose Coke over Pepsi. But that's just me. 

Commentarium (2 Comments)

May 03 12 - 1:08pm

are they going to set his head on fire again? Because i feel that's really spiking the ball.

May 07 12 - 1:13am
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