PJ Harvey wins Britain’s biggest musical honor, the Mercury Prize, again

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PJ Harvey

Congrats to PJ Harvey for wining the UK's most prestigious musical honor, the Mercury Prize, for her latest album Let England Shake. (For the uninitiated, the prize goes to the artist responsible for the best British album of the year.) Of course, with a career spanning nearly two decades, this isn't the first time the ghostly songstress nabbed the award. She won back in 2001 for Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea. Looks like someone has new bookends for their mantle.

This year she beat out an eclectic group of peers which included Adele, James Blake, and Elbow. But anyone who's listened to Let England Shake knows Polly Jean definitely deserved it. Eerie and atmospheric ballads beat lovelorn pop, dance-worthy electronica, and Brit-rock any day. Besides, it has "England" in the title, which automatically makes it the most British, if not the best, of the bunch. Way to earn brownie points with the judges.