Prince crashes “The View,” leaves everyone star-struck

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His Purpleness, the great Prince Rogers Nelson himself, sent the studio audience of The View into a tizzy yesterday, as he strolled unannounced into that den of edgy klatschdom in order to promote his upcoming "Welcome 2 America" concert dates at Madison Square Garden. He gifted each of the hostesses with a pair of tickets to his December 18 show, a hot ticket indeed, considering the NY shows sold out in thirty minutes over a month ago.

The appearance was notable for the sight of co-host Sherri Shepherd transcending the limits of the term "star-struck." She appeared to be "galaxy-struck," or even "human Spanish fly-struck." She blurted out her lifelong desire to make love to Prince, and like that, he floated off into the shadows, a transient apparition who can actually detect the sound of a peaceful bird shedding a tear.

I kid. Prince is a funky musical genius who has let his imagination roam to interesting effect ever since his manumission from corporate slavery.