Punk’s not dead, it’s in this new Sex Pistols perfume

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Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols sells new perfume


What if you could capture, liquify, and bottle the essence of punk? Then you would be in the Sex Pistols: the most iconic band of British punk has teamed up with Fragrance and Beauty Limited to offer consumers a bold new fragrance that promises to "disregard aromatic conventions."  

New fragrance perfume from the Sex Pistols.

As is always the case when aromatic conventions are disregarded, there is protest. Snobby old-timers with ethics and a fractional sense of cultural history are already hating on the new perfume, which comes rebelliously packaged in what appears to be reused materials from a middle school girl's braces. But real punks like Johnny Rotten don't have to read a blog-dot-mom to know what the kids want. The disaffected youth of today will settle for no less than 50 milliliters of "unruly turbulence," "restless bite[s] of lemon," "in-your-face ambrette," and more amazing phrases from copywriters who tell their spouses that they work on the Old Spice account. 

Sex Pistols Fragrance

The "raunchy" new cosmetic product is exclusively sold online, a major bummer for anti-conformist shoplifters who aren't "adverse to create a little mayhem."