Radiohead cannot/will not stop releasing King of Limbs-related material

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When Radiohead first dropped The King of Limbs on our collective ear holes out of nowhere earlier this year, it was kind of fun, in a "Hey look everyone, here's a new album by a band we love released sans all hype and advance promotion available for us right now over the Internet, let's all listen to it" kind of way. Even if it was generally considered one of the band's lesser works — most everyone blunted their criticism with a justification that "maybe this one just needs to grow on you a bit," when in reality the 37:24 running time was just about as much as people wanted to spend before returning to the band's back catalog —  it didn't matter because it was cheap, easy to get, and, really, who's going to complain about more Radiohead unless they're just being asshole contrarians?

And then they went ahead and released an album in September called TKOL RMX 1234567, which consisted of a bunch of remixes from the original album. Which, again, was fine and everything. Sure, it was mostly unnecessary, but more isn't a bad thing.

But now, just in time for Christmas, Radiohead is releasing their From the Basement performance, which included them playing the album in its entirety, on DVD and Blu-ray. Which, again, it should be made clear that Radiohead shouldn't be faulted for trying to make an extra buck, and it's not a bad thing that more Radiohead is out there to purchase and listen to. But just how many versions of a maddeningly mediocre album like The King of Limbs do people need?