Who says print journalism is dead? Certainly not Radiohead. The band is releasing a newspaper that can be yours for free at select locations worldwide this Monday March 28th, while those of us in the United States will have to wait until Tuesday before we can grab a copy. The paper's called The Universal Sigh (with a title like that, it sounds like it will be the most authoritatively emo news source) and is said to compliment their recently released "newspaper album" (we're still not sure what that exactly means), The King of Limbs

As for the actual contents of the newspaper, your guess is as good as ours. Might it contain political diatribes? Song lyrics? Emotive ramblings? One thing's for sure though, it will not be the same as the paper that accompanies the album. Good luck trying to snag one — a promo copy has already popped up on eBay and it'll cost a lot more than free.

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Mar 25 11 - 11:44am


Mar 25 11 - 1:45pm

I'm going to pick up a copy in Bratislava, jump off the bus in Vienna, get another there, if they have it, and get another in Prague!
I sure hope it's in a different language.