Rapper Asher Roth returns with real life comic book video featuring Akon

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Who's Asher Roth you say? He's that guy from Philly who loves smoking weed, had a minor hit with "I Love College," was nominated for a couple VMA's, and inevitably suffered accusations that he was just trying to capitalize on the success of Eminem because, you know, he's a white rapper. Remember?

Well, just as Lady Gaga is a different person from Madonna, Roth has quite a different background than Eminem, who he claims as an influence, along with Jay-Z. About his suburban upbringing, he once explained:

"When I wrote my 'A Milli' freestyle, that was me listening to ten years of hip-hop and not relating to it at all. Like, damn, I don't sell coke. Damn, I don't have cars or twenty-five-inch rims. I don't have guns. I finally got to a point where I had the confidence to do this thing myself, and I was making music for me. And it turns out, a whole lot of people feel the same way I do."

The one thing Roth probably does have in common with Marshall Mathers, is that they both must have been perceived as novelty acts when they first appeared on the scene. I mean, "My Name Is" didn't exactly scream "hard, pill-popping misogynist from 8 Mile."

Roth's new video for "Last Man Standing," directed by Luke Tedaldi and animated by Christopher Hunt, follows Roth as he battles his enemies in a haunted house, while Akon appears on a screen, singing the chorus. The overall visual effects are pretty cool, and Roth's flow shows signs of improvement, sounding like a cross between the aforementioned Eminem (with that rapper's slant rhymes) and Atmosphere. "Last Man Standing" is the first single off Roth's upcoming sophomore effort, Is This Too Orange?, due at the end of the year.