Rapper Lil B takes Internet by storm with “I Got AIDS (AIDS Awareness Track)”

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Rapper Lil B has just released a track that he says is intended to educate the youth of America on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The song's title? "I Got AIDS (AIDS Awareness Track)," a three-minute, twenty-second ditty narrated by a character who discovers he has just contracted HIV through sex with a female partner. The track off his new album, BasedGod Velli, has received a great deal of attention on Twitter, and the hashtag "Got AIDS" has been trending all day. 

Despite Lil B's track record of insensitivity regarding human sexuality — his last album was simply titled, I'm Gay — the weird thing about the song is that it's actually kind of… well, I don't want to say good, because it isn't, but it's somehow poignant and kind of chilling, albeit in the least nuanced way possible. Although the track kicks off somewhat awkwardly, with Lil B bluntly stating, "I got AIDS, goddamn, I can't believe this shit," in the YouTube video summary he writes, "PLEASE EVERYONE I MADE THIS TO INFORM EVERYONE I LOVE AND RESPECT AND EVERYONE THAT LISTENS TO MY MUSIC AND LOVES BASED TO PLEASE GET TESTED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND PARTNERS AND BE SAFE," which to me sounds like one of the most sincere all-caps HIV/AIDS awareness PSAs/YouTube video descriptions ever penned. 

Lil B also says that the song is intended to contrast with some of his previous tracks, which contain boastful lyrics regarding his promiscuity. "I have a lot of songs that have sexual lyrics, and I want to tell people the truth about sexuality and to make sure they get tested if they're sexually active," he told "I wanted to paint a portrait that's very realistic, nothing sugar-coated." Whether or not "I Got AIDS (AIDS Awareness Track)" is an exercise in social realism is up for debate, but it sounds like Lil B's heart is in the right place. Check out the track and decide for yourself.