Rapper Shira K’s “Pound On My Muffin” is an insult to hip-hop

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Shira K (Krasnow), an up-and-coming (or, perhaps, flatlining) rapper from Pittsburgh, has unabashedly set back hip-hip by several years or so, with her semi-viral YouTube video for "Pound On My Muffin." Kreayshawn has nothing to worry about, as Krasnow, looking like a hard-bitten Lea Michele trying to be Nicki Minaj, unleashes her booty-shakin' vengeance on one who has wronged her. 

The video features "down-ass bitch" Shira striding into Pittsburgh's gluten-free Gluuteny Bakery, and selling a cupcake to a clerk for a stack of cash, for some reason. Then it's on, as the rapper cruises around town with her homegirls in a red convertible, spitting lines like, "Back and forth, just like monkey in the middle/ Tease him right there while I'm blazing on his fiddle/ If you wanna fuck with me, you gotta solve the riddle/ I'm a down-ass bitch and I play ya just a little."

The jam also features a turn from Asco (don't ask-o), kicking his flow at a table where sweets stand in for narcotics. (This is the most dessert-friendly hip-hop video you'll ever see.) There are no muffins to be seen, but plenty of cupcakes. Are you hinting at some kind of metaphor, Shira?

Shira, who probably would have been turned out by Rick James were he still alive, recently tweeted, in a riff on "You're So Vain": "bet u thnk this song is about u, dont u? dont u, dont u? it's about SOME1, but it it [sic] ain't u. so #RELAX" Someone out there got played.