Read Bill Clinton’s thoughts on Lil Wayne and his jail sentence

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Lil Wayne was released from Rikers today as scheduled, which means we no longer have to settle for Weezy rapping on the phone from jail. Of course, the question on everyone's mind now is: What does former President Bill Clinton think about all of this? Luckily, Clinton was able to share his thoughts about the matter during an interview on 96.1 Kiss FM's Morning Freak Show:

"I tell you what I think about that. I know this is kind of a funny question for you to ask me. You know, my daughter introduced me to rap and hip-hop music after I said some things she thought were not very smart," he explained.

"She said, 'Dad, you need to listen, all these people are smart.' This guy's smart. And he's got abilities. And he's got a new chance now. And what I hope is that this is not just something to brand him as a cool guy, but that it'll never happen again to him."

Good job, Chelsea! Your talk seems to have worked out a lot better than the time I tried to get my mom to listen to Missy Elliott. (So awkward.)

And Bill is very right on two counts: one, that it would be awesome for Lil Wayne not to go back to jail. Two, that someone who can come up with brilliant raps from under the grape-flavored haze of "purple drank" does indeed have abilities.

Also, couldn't you sort of see this as Bill Clinton's theme song?