Rebecca Black’s new single “POI” exists, confounds the haters

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rebecca black

When we last checked in with Rebecca Black, she was still making up her mind about which seat to take and releasing some song called "My Moment," which apparently has come and passed. But she's been making big strides lately. The fourteen-year-old pop star has unleashed her newest single "POI" onto the world, and, while it's no "Friday," it's got some lyrical gems all its own.

See, some Don Juan has cruelly been playing with Ms. Black's affections, despite the fact that she likes his listening skills. And thus, when a crime scene emerges on the dancefloor (which features a chalk outline in the shape of her heart), he is a person of interest, or POI. Because if Rebecca Black knows anything, it's police acronyms.

Now, the music video for this stunning collection of CSI analogies hasn't arrived yet, but the trailer looks pretty promising. Caricatures! Giant teddy bears! Police tape! A Chinese dragon (I think)! Yes, Black may have confused "dancefloor" for "carnival," but if it means that random rapper from "Friday" gets to follow her around in a go-cart, I'm sold.