Weezer to dip into the Pinkerton pool once more

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A great album usually comes from a variety of factors. If an artist is smart, they'll see it for what it is: a singular instance of dancing with the muses that should not, and cannot, ever be recreated. But if an artist is really smart, they'll milk it as long as possible. Which brings us to Rivers Cuomo, who's announced the release of The Pinkerton Diaries over at his website.

For a cool $75, you get 237 pages of journals, notebooks, scrapbooks, emails, letters, and presumably a whole bunch of photos and pencil sketches of Asian girls, made by Cuomo from 1994 to 1997. The book chronicles the various inspirations and troubling inner thoughts that eventually led to Pinkerton, the one true classic album Weezer ever put out and on the short-list of Greatest Albums Ever for any white person between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-seven who grew up in the suburbs.

For those who aren't interested in the Prose Cuomo as much as the Singing Cuomo, the release comes with Alone III, a twenty-six-track collection of demos from the same time period. All of this material will give fans a chance to delve once more into the classic work while simultaneously coming up with pet theories as to how this could be the same guy who wrote "Beverly Hills."