“Rolling Stone” releases John Lennon’s last interview

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Some pople love the musical stylings of John Lennon and his rock-and-roll band The Beatles, while others are more "like, you know, whatever" about it. There's no confusion as to which camp houses Rolling Stone magazine, whose Top 10 Albums of Whatever Time Period lists always manage to become Top 10 Beatles Albums of Whatever Time Period lists. 

So it should be no surprise that the publication has John Lennon's last ever print interview, which it's releasing this week via newsstand and internet. Excerpts include the singer's thoughts on a potential Beatles reunion, which, to put into context for you, would've have been almost as awesome as Pavement's recent (and possibly short-lived) reunion.

We just might do it. But there will be no smoke bombs, no lipstick, no flashing lights. It just has to be comfy. But we could have a laugh. We’re born-again rockers, and we’re starting over… There’s plenty of time, right? Plenty of time.

Also, eerily, there's a moment where he tells interviewer Jonathan Cott that he has no desire to become what he would become three short days later.

In the remarkably candid interview Lennon lashes out at fans and critics who went after him during his five-year break from music. “What they want is dead heroes, like Sid Vicious and James Dean,” Lennon says. “I’m not interested in being a dead fucking hero… so forget ‘em, forget ‘em.”

Cut to the theme to The Twilight Zone, which, to put into context for you, was like Twilight, but cooler and not at all. Anyway, you can either check out the rest of the details at Rolling Stone or just roll your eyes and carry on with your day. Your call, buddy.