Sarah McLachlan pronounces Lilith Fair dead

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Lilith Fair Dead

Fourteen years after my ears were graced with the sounds of "Building A Mystery," I have finally found a reason to truly respect Sarah McLachlan. Unlike the rest of the entertainment industry, which likes to beat a horse long after the point of rigor mortis, McLachlan knows when to call it quits:

"That's right guys, Lilith Fair is officially over."

In 1997, when women with deep words and strong voices were all the rage, the women's music festival had a large following and raised millions of dollars for women's charities through ticket sales. Last summer, however, when McLachlan tried a re-boot, ticket prices had to be slashed and attendance was sparse. In an interview with the Canadian publication The Globe and Mail, McLachlan had some rather insightful words on why the tour didn't catch on in the twenty-first century:

"Bringing the same thing back last year really didn’t make any sense, in retrospect… because in twelve years, women have changed a lot. Their expectations have changed, the way they view the world has changed, and that was not taken into consideration, which I blame myself for.”

You bet we've changed, Sarah. Flexisexual instead of lesbian, Auto-Tune instead of a capella, not to mention the fact that it's actually trendy to carry around your own water bottle now. Don't worry, I'll be sure to pour out a little soymilk in Lilith's honor.