Scientist names horsefly after Beyonce

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2011 was pretty much Beyonce's best year ever. She came out with a kick-ass album, made a bunch of kick-ass videos, and most recently, gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy (who, depending on who you ask, is either kick-ass or the devil incarnate). These 2011 accomplishments, however, pale in comparison to Beyonce's latest 2012 feat, which was to inspire an Australian insect researcher to name a species of horsefly after her. 

MSNBC reports that the fly, officially called Scaptia plinthina beyoncea, was given the name Beyonce for its golden rear end. According to researcher Brian Lessard, "the unique dense gold hairs" on the fly's abdomen inspired him to name the species after the pop star, calling the specimen "the all-time diva of flies." 

Although the rare specimen of horsefly was discovered in 1981 from northern Queensland's Atherton Tablelands, it remained nameless until Lessard published his most recent paper, which describes the species along with four other newly discovered flies in the Plinthina subgroup (which are, unsurprisingly, not named after four of the approximately 75 former members of Destiny's Child). Like hummingbirds, horseflies are known for their pollinating abilities, drinking nectar from varieties of grevillea, tea trees, and eucalypts.

Beyonce hasn't commented on the naming of the new species yet, but something tells me this has been part of her plan for global domination all along. She's already so awesome that she's evolved past the point of being a normal human being, so it was only a matter of time before she acquired wings and a golden ass as well. All I'm saying is, don't be surprised if these flies get bored with pollinating eucalypts and start talking about releasing solo albums, or starting their own fashion lines. 'Cause they're the all-time divas of flies, and you know a diva's just a female version of a hustla.