Scott Weiland takes on “Winter Wonderland,” and no, this headline is not a joke

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If you watched him wrap his naked body in the American flag and scream through a megaphone at Stone Temple Pilots shows through the '90s, seeing the phrase "Scott Weiland's 'Winter Wonderland'" might seem like an elaborate joke, the kind of thing that someone cooked up just to fuck with you.

But you'd be wrong! Apparently Scott Weiland has left his hunger-dunger-dang past behind him and embraced his inner Bing Crosby. Half of me expects this to be some kind of elaborate, Andy Kaufman-esque prank, where Weiland suddenly breaks out the majestic bray that informed so much of STP's output. But it never happens! He croons through the whole fuckin' thing! And honestly, if it weren't for the fact that he looks so dead-eyed and bored that I half-expect him to keel over midway through the video, I would say that it looks like he's enjoying himself. 

Apparently singers are taking the Rod Stewart route ever-earlier these days and mining the Greatest Generation's pop hits whenever they run out of projects of their own. Velvet Revolver, we hardly knew ye.