See: Cover art for new Michael Jackson album

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Michael Jackson art.

We've already alerted you about the "mountain of unreleased songs" from the late Michael Jackson that will slowly but surely be released, and we know that the alert made you anxious. Things will be fine though, because we'll be here to guide you through every illuminated step of the way — despite the fact that, honestly, we're kind of anxious too.

The posthumous album Michael won't be out until December 14th, which is an entire Harry Potter movie away. So there's some time on that front. But don't be so foolish as to relax just yet — its first single, "Breaking News," is set to be released right after this weekend, giving you mere days to prepare.

Gah! Perhaps seeing the album's cover art will help you ease into things?

Cover art for new Michael Jackson album.

So? Pretty good, right? It's got it all: vintage MJ, King of Pop MJ, even baby-dangling MJ (yes, those are supposed to be angels, but it's probably not the wisest of imagery). 

Whew, glad we got through that with minimal panic. Now we can finally relax… until Monday!