Shia LaBeouf will direct Marilyn Manson documentary

When not battling Decepticons and disgruntled fans, actor Shia LaBeouf has been sharpening his chops as a director-for-hire. With a short film and two music videos under his belt, LaBeouf has unveiled plans for his largest project to date: a documentary of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson.

Stopping by Live With Regis and Kelly to promote the latest Transformers movie,  he told Kelly Ripa (who oddly enough admitted to being a huge Manson fan) that the collaboration came about while he was hanging out in the rocker's west Hollywood "lair." As he described it:

"There are no lights in the room. And there are these big metal doors and [Manson] opens the door and he's in a kimono, a big pink kimono. It's sort of like a lair. No lights, so you have to use your cell phone to guide you around."

It was in those shadowy confines that Manson agreed to let LaBeouf sit in on his studio sessions and film the recording of his upcoming eighth studio album. While I'm unsure how well LaBeouf will be able to frame the once-controversial singer's current place in music, it'll be fun to catch a glimpse of the man (and the pink kimono) behind the persona. 

Commentarium (5 Comments)

Jul 06 11 - 5:09pm

Shia LeWho?

Jul 06 11 - 6:03pm

Marilyn Manson is an interesting guy, sure, but does anyone need to see behind-the-scenes shots of him recording an album? By a guy no one's heard of, at that?

Jul 06 11 - 6:14pm

regardless of the project, which could be either interesting or total crap, i'm pretty sure there are tens of millions of people who have heard of shia labeouf, considering he's starred in a few billion dollar franchises like indiana jones and transformers. i'm not crazy about the guy but he's been in a bunch of stuff!

Jul 07 11 - 12:47pm

I saw him and his brother, Sunni LaBeouf, in concert.

Jul 06 11 - 9:30pm

You people are aminals. This man child was in Even Stevens. Oh......... I get it. I'll go kill myself now.