Sleigh Bells do their best Rocky impressions for “Comeback Kid” video

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Brooklyn-based noise pop duo Sleigh Bells have been hard at work on their second album, Reign of Terror, for the past year or so, and with its release date rapidly approaching — you can get your hands on it February 21 — we're starting to get an aural peek at what's coming. They released the first single, "Born To Lose," last month, and today we have a video for the next, "Comeback Kid." It is very Sleigh Bells, so if you don't like loud guitars paired with lilting female vocals, then it is not for you.

It is also very Sleigh Bells in that it continues their music-video tradition of mostly just walking around being cool and shit. In this case, singer Alexis Krauss does a whole bunch of air boxing, bed jumping, and rifle wielding, while guitarist Derek Miller handles the sitting and the standing. (To his credit, he totally nails both. Well done, Derek.) It's very "angry suburbia," which shouldn't come as much of a surprise from these two.

The track is available here for download, if you should feel so inclined.