South Korean Christian groups are attempting to pray away demon Lady Gaga

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South Korean Christians praying away Lady Gaga

It seems as though some Christians in South Korea are taking the nickname "Mama Monster" a little too literally, and may actually believe Lady Gaga is an evil, glittery fiend of Satan's design. In an effort to stop her concert in Seoul on April 27 from happening, a bunch of conservative Christians gathered to pray for its swift cancelation on Sunday. And no, they aren't just super sick of hearing "Poker Face" — they are convinced Gags was going to spread "homosexuality and pornography" across the country.

South Koreans under the age of eighteen are already banned from the concert, as it was deemed unsuitable for younger audiences by the Korea Media Rating Board. But that isn't not enough for Kang Ju-Hyun and his buddies, who have been voicing their displeasure with Lady Gaga for some time. Kang's group, Alliance for Sound Culture in Sexuality, put up posters last week accusing her of "spreading unhealthy sexual culture" through "lewd lyrics and performances," though they were eventually taken down by city officials. They aren't the only organization going nuts over the arrival of the Born This Way Global Tour, either. The Korean Association of Church Communication pledged last month to "take concerted action to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography." A bunch of these awesome, totally not homophobic or puritanical groups decided to pray together for the concert's cancelation earlier today. The numbers were estimated at 300.

Now, I guess we can't rule out the possibility of God smiting down Lady Gaga mid-pelvic thrust, but I'm going to assume the prayer circle won't work and Lady Gaga's show will go on come April 27. Upon which point, Gaga will probably exit the country via a rainbow rocket covered in porn, cackling maniacally.