Stevie Nicks releases first new single in over a decade

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young stevie nicks

After floating around as a bootleg demo for over thirty years, Stevie Nicks' "Secret Love," is officially being released as a single. It's classic Stevie: immediately catchy with a pleading yet powerful hook.

After listening to both the new version and the demo, I'm honestly torn on which one I like more. In the stripped-down demo, Stevie's voice is the focus, but in the finished version as in most of her songs, the addition of strings and back-up vocals don't overpower what is still most important: those epic pipes. The single is off her seventh album, In Your Dreams, which will be out in May.

The exciting Stevie news doesn't stop there: she announced on Ellen yesterday that she'll be touring with Rod Stewart starting in March, where, according to Stewart, they'll probably do some duets. The tour will be called Heart & Soul. I guess they thought "Forever Young" was too predictable.