Sufjan Stevens asks fans not to buy his new album on Amazon

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Sufjan Stevens

Indie darling Sufjan Stevens has undertaken some daring projects in his career — a (not terribly successful) attempt to write an album for all fifty states, another one celebrating a highway — but his latest effort could be his tallest order: trying to get people not to buy from the behemoth of online retailers, Amazon. 

The Age of Adz comes out October 12, and the artist and his label, Asthmatic Kitty, sent out an e-mail to fans asking them not to buy from Amazon because of the low price for which the site will be selling the album. They state, "The work that our artists produce is worth more than the cost of a latte." 
The cynic in you might think that Stevens is looking to make more money, but he and his label actually make a convincing argument about why one should seek other retail outlets when buying music. The e-mail goes on to show the not-unreasonable prices they think things should cost (nothing over twelve dollars) and how big stores like Amazon make it harder for indie labels like Asthmatic Kitty to survive. 
Of course, people downloading the album for free doesn't help much either. 

Read the e-mail in it's entirety here.