The rapper who taught the world how to Dougie dies

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Sad news for fans of fun hip-hop songs with accompanying dances. Montae "M Bone" Talbert, a member of the group Cali Swag District, was shot fatally last night in front of an L.A. liquor store. There were shots fired between two vehicles, one containing M Bone, who was only twenty-two-years old. M Bone's bandmate Smoove tweeted about the shooting, saying "Ma life changed drastically in the Blink of an eye rip mbone."

If you are confused about the cultural pervasiveness or importance of the Dougie, please revisit the video below, in which First Lady Michelle Obama shows us all that the Dougie is not just hip, it's slimming. Rest in peace, M Bone, and thanks for teaching the world how to Dougie.