The Black Keys, Rick Rubin to help ZZ Top with new album

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ZZ Top to get help from The Black Keys and Rick Rubin for new album.

File this one under the "When Beards Collide" category: ZZ Top will be releasing their first album in seven years, and Rick Rubin and The Black Keys will help them do it.

The album — ZZ Top's fifteenth — doesn't have a title yet, but it does have a lot of bearded men working on it, so we're sure it'll be something good because people with giant beards obviously have more time on their hands than people who shave their faces every day or even every week.

But because we sympathize with hirsute musicians and producers everywhere, we figured we'd try to help them out and offer some titles we think they should use:

  • In The Beard 2000
  • There Will Be Beard
  • Grin and Beard It
  • I'm Still Hair
  • The Trouble With Hairy
  • ZZ Top

OK, we'll stop.