The Doors sue a bar for associating Jim Morrison with drinking

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This week's bit of ridiculous litigation has been brought to you by the remaining members of the Doors, who are suing a Paris bar called The Lizard King.

Manager Christophe Maillet told AFP that he had "received a letter from the lawyers of the Doors who are giving me sixty days to change the bar's posters, its name, the name of its cocktails, and the website. The Doors did not want to be associated with a drinks bar," he added. The Lizard King featured cocktails like "Light My Fire" and "Soft Parade."

That's a little absurd: not associating the Doors with alcohol is like not associating Jimi Hendrix with psychedelics. You can discuss their art without mentioning their vices, but why would you?

Secondly, the bar wasn't called "Ray Manzarek's Unnecessary Keyboard Solo," it was called "The Lizard King," Jim Morrison's self-applied moniker. If anyone should be taking issue with a bar named after him, it's his estate, not his bandmates (though I will concede that they have a legitimate issue over drink names, but come on).

Finally, I think everybody knows the real issue here: it's not that a bar is using the Doors' image to profit, it's that Ray Manzarek isn't. Manzarek has consistently revealed himself as the most willing of the remaining Doors to make money off the band. He's re-formed the band several times with various singers, including C-list, '90s, hunger-dunger dang singer and Fuel front-man Brett Scallions. He's also the one, according to drummer John Densmore, who's most willing to sell the band's music to commercials, under the guise of "giving the band more exposure."