The most sexually charged Belle & Sebastian lyrics of all time

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Belle and Sebastian Writing About Love

Belle & Sebastian's latest album is entitled Write About Love. It's a subject they've been writing about for nearly fifteen years. However given their twee leanings and bookish exterior, what's often overlooked is how much they write about sex. But when you strip off their cardigans and glasses and look beyond the peppy melodies you find a lot of sexy lyrics, many of them kinky, dirty and deviant. Here are some of their sexiest songs to date.

"Sukie in the Graveyard"
A girl from a troubled home runs away and takes refuge in an art school, okay, we get that part. But then with a passing, casual nonchalance it's made clear that she keeps a male servant at her beck-and-call. But what's even weirder is that they never actually sleep together. They just watch each other undress and take kinky pictures. And you thought your college experience was sexually awkward.

She had a slut slave and his name was Dave
She said 'Be my photo bitch and I'll make you rich

"Step Into My Office, Baby"
This ode to sexual harassment is essentially four straight minutes of double entendres masked by the boppiest of melodies and a suggestive slide trombone.

She gave me some dictation
But my strength is in administration
I took down all she said
I even took down her little red dress

"The Boy With the Arab Strap"
 For the sexually naive, an arab strap is a contraption used to help men maintain an erection — so it's only natural Belle & Sebastian would write a song about a guy getting out of jail and needing, uh, a little help re-adjusting to sex beyond his cell. Of course Arab Strap is also the name of another Scottish band, one who's had a bit of a rivalry with B&S, so there's lots to speculate about here.

We know you are soft cause we've all seen you dancing
We know you are hard cause we all saw you drinking from noon
Until noon again
You're the boy with the filthy laugh
You're the boy with the arab strap

"Meat and Potatoes"
Even in the best relationships, sex can grow rote and become as bland and uninspired as meat and potatoes. Sometimes you want more and when you do, this is the song to play to your partner. Just turn to your shy, cardigan-clad, bespectacled boy and say "Honey, don't those lyrics about handcuffs and whipped cream sound fun!"

She may stop at whips and chains
She needs carousal
More arousal
A bit of pain

"Seeing Other People"
There's lots of ambiguity in this one, but here's what we do know. Two people of unknown genders are seeing other people. One of them's down with it, while the other doesn't seem that certain ("at least that's what we say we are doing") as he passive aggressively pleads for his or her partner's monogamy. With a healthy co-dependency like that, we can tell these two are in for the long haul.

We lay on the bed there
Kissing just for practice
Could we please be objective?
Cause the other boys are queuing up behind us

"Dirty Dream Number Two"
What's better than one dirty dream? That's easy — two! Though there's something a bit deceptive when you wake up stuck to the sheets.

Dream two you couldn't see her face, but you saw everything else
Dream two was pretty special, easily beats loving yourself