There’s a campaign to get Weird Al to perform at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show

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Okay, two things: 1), there's currently a serious movement to get novelty musician/world's favorite accordionist Weird Al Yankovic to perform at the Super Bowl next year. And 2), when I first saw this photo of Weird Al dressed as an alternative singer/songwriter type, I legitimately thought it was Ryan Gosling's high school yearbook photo, which means either that Weird Al used to be kind of hot, or that I have a serious facial recognition deficit, and I can't decide which of these conclusions is more disturbing. 

Anyway, the campaign for Weird Al to perform at next year's halftime show began last weekend, when New York Daily News writer Julian Garcia wrote a column entitled, "Weird Al deserves a shot at Super stage." After complaining about Madonna's then-forthcoming appearance at the halftime show, Garcia wrote, "I'd like to see a true American icon invited to take part in the most iconic of American events: Weird Al Yankovic. Go ahead and laugh. That's what he wants you to do. And that's exactly what you will be doing at halftime of Super Bowl XVLII if I get my way." What then followed was a series of Facebook petitions and Patton Oswalt-led Twitter promotions for the #SuperAl hashtags aimed at bringing the "White and Nerdy" singer to the Superdome next year.

Eleven months before the next Super Bowl on Feb. 3, 2013, Garcia's campaign is already picking up steam; as of Friday morning, the Facebook petition to get Weird Al to perform at the halftime show has amassed more than 3,000 signatures, and a Google search for "Weird Al Super Bowl" yields more than 68,000 results. Which is great, 'cause who doesn't love Weird Al and all, but for the record, if you're going to try to get a beloved American novelty music act to New Orleans next February, you should probably go for Richard Cheese. Or that "What What (In the Butt)" guy. Or all three of them, together, 'cause if you're gonna dream, dream big. That's all I'm saying.