Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon split; the future of Sonic Youth is uncertain

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Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon

We're usually immune to the incessant strings of celebrity breakups, but when the future of a legendary indie rock band hangs in balance, we can't help but be a little emotionally invested in the ordeal. After twenty-seven years of marriage, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon are calling it quits. The band currently has a handful of tour dates that they're committed to, but other than that, the band's future remains uncertain. Between this news and the demise of R.E.M., fans of eighties college rock are having the worst month ever.

Kim and Thurston always seemed to have one of the strongest personal and professional relationships of any notable married musicians, which makes their separation all the more disheartening. Just take this quote from Thurston in a 2008 interview with Spin magazine:

You have a famously great marriage, which is virtually unheard of for a rock star, particularly when the spouse is also a bandmate. What's your secret?
There's no secret. We've never sold each other out on anything. I can easily follow the allure of wanting to go out and be with the boys, and play industrial noise and smoke pot and drink, but nothing replaces the reality of our relationship. I can't trade that for anything. I can't think of how or where I'd be without Kim's influence. And we're like any couple that's been together for close to 30 years. There's a genuine psychophysical connection. Sometimes I feel things happening in me, and I know that something's going on with her. When you're married and you have that kind of connection, you become really spiritually, psychologically connected. We grew up together, in a way.

Aw, such a bummer.