T.I. talks down suicide jumper, has nothing to do with today’s parole hearing

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Forget the drug possession charges, forget the weapons charges. Yesterday, when T.I. heard the news that a 22-year-old Atlanta man was threatening to throw himself off a building, the rapper drove to the scene to try to talk some sense into the guy. And that's exactly what he did:

TI had recorded a video of himself on a mobile phone which was shown to the unnamed man.

He then agreed to come down in exchange for a few minutes with the rapper.

Just like that. If you're cynical enough to believe this has something to do with T.I.'s upcoming parole hearing, let the rapper assuage you: "I didn't know this guy, I didn't wake up in the morning to say, 'Hey, let me find a way to go and save someone's life so I can be looked at favourably come Friday.'"

According to T.I., "I told him it ain't that bad. It'll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better… I just reminded him, know that I know. It looks bad right now but it can turn around."

Kind of wise words, right? Muddling and ineffective from anyone else, but from T.I., it's a manifesto of life's ineffability. Good luck to Mr. T.I. Clifford in his parole hearing today.