Tim Heidecker releases Herman Cain-inspired album, because why not?

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Remember when "the friends of" the apparently very-handsy Herman Cain released that amazing video of campaign manager Mark Block spouting off why he's trying to get Cain elected, and everything was going smoothly, until forty seconds into the ad the music swelled into some techno-infused track about having pride in America or something while Block took a menacingly-long slow-motion drag of his cigarette and Herman Cain gave his nonverbal consent to everything that preceded by slowing smiling for thirty more seconds? And there was that the immediate thought that this was all a prank, there was no way this could be real, it must have been an edit put together by comedy visionaries Tim & Eric because they're the only ones who have this specific comedic rhythm?

Ultimately, we learned it was real and Herman Cain's campaign was one we'd no longer have to "take seriously." But there was still something eerily connective about the two independent collectives, Cain's campaign and the brains of Tim & Eric — despite their obvious differences, they were on some strange plane of existence far away from the rest of us. And now, the dream collaboration (sort of) has finally taken place as Tim Heidecker, using Cain as his muse, recorded and released a 9-song EP called Cainthology: Songs in the Key of Cain.

If you make a purchase, expect fare like this:

So, you know, as with everything in Tim & Eric-landia, it's a bit of an acquired taste. But all proceeds go to Violence Intervention Program, which can only help make you feel better about yourself. Plus, it will act as a nice time capsule when we see it on our shelves collecting dust in a few months and remember that, oh yeah, Herman Cain was a thing at one point.