2Pac: the musical is coming soon

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West Coast rap fans and lovers of ridiculous spectacles rejoice: there's going to be a fucking Broadway musical about the life of Tupac Shakur. Holler If Ya Hear Me, directed by Kenny Leon, will begin casting on March 10 and is seeking African-American rappers between the age of eighteen and thirty-five, as well as one Caucasian between the age of twenty and twenty-five who can rap and play guitar. Should I thank Cthulhu that I am able to audition for this masterpiece? That was not a rhetorical question: yes. Yes, I should. However, I do have to go learn how to rap and play guitar.

Kenny Leon goes on to say:

"The idea was always to make a musical inspired by his music and not to do an autobiographical approach to his life or anything like that." If Leon is referring to what I think he's referring to, I'm going to go ahead and hide my DVD copy of Notorious underneath my bed, next to my Glock.

"Holler If Ya Hear Me" will run workshops for selected actors from April 23 to May 11. But if you're white, stay out of my territory, because that part is mine.