US to destroy all diplomacy with China using

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Remember when Barack Obama was elected, and many people said that his presidency would help strengthen diplomatic relationships the world over? This story is like that, but the opposite, and only for China: the U.S. State Department has joined forces with Black Eyed Peas member/corporate cyborg to organize a concert in Beijing "to encourage cultural and educational exchanges between the United States and China." Boom boom Mao:

The announcement came after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met on Friday in Washington with, above, a creator of the 2008 viral video “Yes, We Can” that boosted support for Barack Obama among the young, to discuss the Obama administration’s “100,000 Strong Initiative,” aimed at increasing the number and diversity of Americans studying in China. For the event and other American and Chinese artists will perform; no date or location for the show has been specified.

Are… are you sure you want to do this, Clinton? This is the man responsible for "My Humps." (Full disclosure: I definitely have "My Humps" on my iPod.) I'm just not sure if we're putting our best foot forward here. This is not to say that just because makes terrible music (which he does) he can't make a positive difference in the world. It's just to say he probably won't. All I'm saying is, couldn't we use Beyoncé instead? Everyone loves Beyoncé!