Video: Purge your dead lady obsession with “Monster” by Kanye West

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It's a sign of social progress that hip-hop videos have moved beyond floating asses and thongs to more curated forms of lady mistreatment. JK! Art. If there's one thing that the latest single off West's new album has, it's style. It is so awash in choices and technique that you hardly notice all the models hanging by their throats in designer underwear. (Kidding, it's practically the only thing you notice.)

This is sure to cause some tension between Kanye and female bloggers, although I personally don't take offense. Maybe it's because West put up an escape hatch for himself with it being so, you know, gorgeously executed. This leaves us to contemplate what it all means, and even if it matters because good God — Kanye is kissing the mouth of a presumably dead fifteen-year-old. We'll just have to wait until West releases the whole video to judge.