Watch a Girl Talk video made entirely out of GIFs

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It's not an official Girl Talk video, but I don't think I can imagine anything more appropriate for Gregg Gillis' musical stylings. "Cache Rules Everything Around Me" (heh) was made by Evan Roth, and it is literally nine minutes of GIFs; sounds kind of boring, but somehow the randomness inherent in a GIF and the randomness of Girl Talk's sample-happy music makes it kind of hypnotizing:

Watching this reminded me of the time I tried to show my parents the true potential of the Internet by playing, in order, Dramatic Chipmunk, the "Bad Romance" video, that clip of the grape-stomping reporter biting it, and a video someone had made with John McCain's head pasted onto the dancers in Madonna's "Vogue."

They were… less than impressed. But you, readers: I know you will appreciate this. GIFs are truly the Internet's gift to the world. Right, T.I.?