Watch: A long-lost Smiths promo video

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Remember when Morrissey was known more for being the deeply literate, deeply pale frontman of the Smiths, and less for just shooting his mouth off about whatever pops into his head? Remember when people knew Johnny Marr's name, and not just for being the super-old guy onstage with Modest Mouse? If you do, and if you've been craving a seventeen-minute escape into better times, then I've got great news for you.

Rhino UK is prepping a new Smiths box set, and as part of the run-up, they've released this 1992 promotional video. Originally shot as part of the band's posthumous Best album, it's chalk-full of Smithsy goodness — from Morrissey flopping around in a flower-covered room to the wonderfully understated narration. It's also very, very, English, and not a bad primer if you're interested in a quick history of the band.