Watch Andrew Garfield, the new Spiderman, sing the “Bed Intruder” song

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Hey, Andrew Garfield, I've also had that song stuck in my head recently! We have so much in common. You should call me, we could totally hang out or — sorry, err, where was I? Right: Andrew Garfield, the newest Spiderman with roles in two highly anticipated fall movies (Never Let Me Go and The Social Network), sat down with Peter Travers with his Never Let Me Go costar Carey Mulligan recently to promote the film.

Then the film critic asked the two to express themselves in song, which is totally normal. I'm not sure if Mulligan belted anything out (it sounds like maybe she sang something called "It's A Cat"?), but Garfield decided that at that moment, he was feeling particularly bed intruder-y. His rendition is pretty cute, but the video is even more worth watching for Mulligan's reactions:

In semi-related news, Garfield's getting strong Oscar buzz for his part in The Social Network, so between that and his potential/probable superhero franchise, expect to see a good deal more of this guy very soon.