Watch: Bjork and Michel Gondry get celestial in the video for “Crystalline”

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The long-lasting relationship between Icelandic pixie Bjork and filmmaker Michel Gondry continues with the video for "Crystalline," the first single of her new album Biophilia. The pairing of indie with indie almost doesn't feel as exciting as when Bjork does an unexpectedly mainstream collaboration with, say, Timbaland. But then you watch it and realize, "Oh, no. This is definitely still awesome."

In fact, it kind of sums up their working relationship nicely, doesn't it? Michel Gondry's precious little animated moon orbiting around Bjork's offbeat techno star. (Tip: don't try to read into or extend that metaphor too much. I did, and it just falls apart once you try to incorporate the asteroids.) The song is certainly growing on me the more I hear it, and the wonderful insanity of Bjork's take on an '80s prom queen can do nothing but help.