Watch: Drew Barrymore directs a video for Best Coast starring Chloe Moretz

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Drew Barrymore has helmed the latest installment in MTV's Supervideo series — which gets famous actors and directors involved with music videos — and she's taken Chloe Moretz, Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, and the new Teen Wolf guy with her. Have you ever wanted to see these people involved in a strange West Side Story reinterpretation? Because that is what you're getting:

Hm. I like pretty much everyone involved in this project — plus or minus the guy from Teen Wolf, though he is looking pretty cute here — but it's kind of… stupid? I think stupid is the right word. And not just because the set-up is a bit trite; it's really the graffiti bit that bugs me. Why would he spray paint only half of a very important phrase on a giant, empty expanse of brick wall and continue it on the next side? Why wouldn't she check to see if his message went on? Why don't they use their voices like real humans? These are the questions that will sadly keep me up at night. Thanks, Drew.