Watch: hours-late Lauryn Hill chastises Brooklyn audience for their irritation

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Even though the music world has been holding its breath for a Lauryn Hill comeback for years now, it's been a long time since anyone has thought of her as reliable or especially stable. Still, fans who braved the snowpocalypse to see her last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg got more than a little cranky when she kept them waiting for a full four hours, and even made makeshift signs with slogans like "You just lost one," as recounted by the Times today.

This being Lauryn Hill, though, she wasn't too concerned, and told the audience:

“I spent my entire twenties sacrificing my life to give you love. So when I hear people complain, I don’t know what to tell you. I personally know I’m worth the wait.”

She also reminded surly fans where the venue's exit was located, then went on as planned with her set, which contained no new material. Watch the above clip for the full rant which, in spite of herself, she kind of manages to pull off.