James Franco and Kalup Linzy’s first music video is pretty much what you’d expect

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The first single from James Franco and Kalup Linzy's imminent Turn It Up, the wig-loving musical duo's debut EP, has arrived in freaky video form on YouTube. The song is titled "Rising," and its music video puts on quite a show — though, frankly, it looks (and sounds) as though Linzy's the one doing all the heavy lifting here. Really, from our vantage point, it seems that Franco's biggest contribution might've been his name. Yet, lo and behold, Linzy did release a statement claiming that Franco "contributed vocals during recording sessions. He and I also exchanged video and vocals."

And that brings us to the first installment of our new play-at-home game, "Did James Franco Do That?" The rules are simple: simply watch that thing below and try to figure out what exactly James Franco did. Good luck!